Contemporary Realism Artist


About Me

My Background


Hello! I am an Indonesian artist based in Edmond, OK. I paint in the style of contemporary realism, using oil as my primary medium. I am interested in creating art that represent the evanescence beauty in our everyday life. I received my artistic training at Studio Incamminati from 2012 to 2016. While at Studio Incamminati, I met my husband Chris Brizzard. Be sure to check out his artwork as well!

My Medium


I mainly use oil painting as my medium. Occasionally I paint with watercolor, and draw with charcoal and graphite. 

My Inspiration


My inspiration comes from Wabi-Sabi philosophy, which embraces beauty in the naturally imperfect world.  With my brushes and paints, I aim to celebrate the ephemerality of everyday life. 

My Blog